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Simba Ultimate Esports

Simba Ultimate Recruits New Fortnite Roster

The young generation seems to have a different vibe towards gaming and esports in itself. Hence, the Pride had to accomodate the space and recruit and nurture some potential young lions. In the roster comes mulitplaying personality and Team Captain Blitz, Content creator and streaming personality Tedward, his duo partner in crime Schwizzy, gifted and confident player Better, and upcoming players such as KirruAlvin, Cheriz and Lightning.

We have finally got our Fortnite lions that will be competing actively within the region’s competitive scene. As the Pride becomes infinite, so must it takes it’s place upon the iron throne.” — Simba Ultimate Twitter

With the roster now ready and other recruitments of various esports games taking place, let’s see what performance these lions will give us.

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